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Gas Prices BC

This website provides information about the factors that influence fuel prices in British Columbia (BC), as part of the Fuel Price Transparency Act (FPT Act). Based on your feedback, regular improvements and enhancements will be made to the website.

In the September FPT Act newsletter, the BCUC shares our findings from the Fuel Data Exploration Project #4 that monitored fuel pricing behaviours to explore whether fuel retailers were unfairly profiting from the period when market conditions were impacted by the conflict in eastern Europe.

Comparison of Daily Fuel Prices to Crude Oil Prices

BC has experienced a significant increase in fuel prices over the past several months. As Administrator of the FPT Act, the BCUC tracks data on the factors that influence fuel prices in BC. Based on our initial observations and analysis, the most recent increases correlate to changes in crude prices, which is being driven by world energy markets that are currently impacted by the conflict in Ukraine. We continue to monitor fuel prices and in the event these factors no longer align, we will investigate the cause of any discrepancies. The graph below reports the difference between retail gas and crude oil prices.

For more information on other factors that contribute to gas prices in BC, visit our Price Factors page.

About the BCUC

The British Columbia Utilities Commission (BCUC) is an independent agency of the Government of British Columbia. The BCUC regulates BC's energy utilities, the Insurance Corporation of BC's Basic automobile insurance rates, intra-provincial pipeline rates and the reliability of the electrical transmission grid. We are also responsible for administering BC's FPT Act.

As the Administrator of the FPT Act, the BCUC is responsible for collecting and publishing information about gasoline and diesel fuel activities in BC, in an effort to promote competitiveness, and public confidence in the competitiveness of the fuel market. The BCUC does not regulate fuel prices in BC.

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