Industry Reporting Forms

The following forms are for those in the wholesale and retail industry that are required to submit fuel data to the BCUC, as outlined in the BC government’s Fuel Price Transparency Regulations and Special Direction. As the Administrator of the Fuel Price Transparency Act, the BCUC is responsible for ensuring compliance to these regulations and direction

FPT Regulations Forms

Form Name Description Updated
FPT Regulation Reporting Guidelines The BCUC's FPT Regulation Reporting Guidelines were updated to add information about the new FPT Act Industry Portal. The guidelines provide instructions to those required to submit reportable fuel data to the BCUC. June 26, 2023
Monthly Importer Report Template
Monthly Wholesale Purchaser Report Template
Monthly Low Carbon Fuel Standards Credit Report Template
Annual Terminal Information Template
Annual Tank Information Template
Monthly Retail Supplier Report Template
BCUC Reporting Templates: The BCUC updated the following templates for use in the new FPT Act Industry Portal, which are for those in the wholesale industry to ensure the FPT Regulations requirements are met. June 26, 2023

Retail Pilot Forms

Form Name Description Updated
BCUC Retail Station Survey (excel) The BCUC's Retail Station Survey is to be completed by all retail dealers in BC. Those who have registered through the FPT Regulatory Reporting Portal are required to complete the Excel spreadsheet version of the survey and upload it to the Portal. November 17, 2020
Methodology & Reporting Guidelines The BCUC's Final Special Direction Retail Pilot Methodology & Reporting Guidelines provide instructions to retail dealers required to submit fuel data to the BCUC. October 19, 2020
BCUC Monthly Retail Purchases Report
BCUC Monthly Retail Sales Report
FPT Act Confidentiality Request Form
The BCUC established the following standardized reporting forms for those in the retail pilot to use to ensure the requirements outlined in the Special Directions are met. October 19, 2020