Retail Pilot

Retail Industry Engagement

In August 2020, the BC government issued a Special Direction to the BCUC, as Administrator of the Fuel Price Transparency Act (FPT Act), requiring retail dealers of reportable fuels to submit data to the BCUC as part of a retail data collection pilot (Retail Pilot). The Retail Pilot will be used to inform the development of regulations for fuel retailers by the BC government.

BCUC Selection of Retail Dealers

The BCUC has developed a Retail Pilot Methodology which outlines how retail dealers will be selected to participate in the Retail Pilot. The Methodology includes:

  • The technique for selecting a group of sample retailers;
  • The process for developing the same sample group over time; and
  • Data reporting requirements, as required by the Special Direction.

The retail dealers selected are a representative sample of retail fuel operations across British Columbia, inclusive of retail dealers that are:

  • In urban communities of varied size and in rural areas;
  • Geographically dispersed across the province; and
  • Independent, branded, or part of an integrated corporate supply arrangement.

Data collection from the selected retail dealers starts in November 2020 and ends no later than November 30, 2021. More information about the Retail Pilot Methodology is available below.

Survey for Retail Stations

As outlined in the Special Direction, the BCUC is required to select a representative sample of BC retail fuel dealers to participate in the Retail Pilot. The BCUC began the Retail Pilot with a sample of 50 fuel retailers; the survey results will be used to expand the sample size for the Retail Pilot so that the number and type of pilot participants accurately represents the retail fuel market in BC.

All retail dealers in BC are required to fill out this short survey, which includes questions about pump services, site amenities, type of fuel sold, and ownership designation, among other things.

Important Documents

Date Issued Description Document
November 17, 2020 The BCUC issues a letter advising all retail dealers of the short Retail Station Survey that they are required to complete regarding each of their retail station(s) in BC. Retail Pilot Retail Station Survey Letter
November 17, 2020 The BCUC’s has created the Retail Station Survey for all retail dealers in BC to complete. Those who have registered through the FPT Regulatory Reporting Portal are required to complete the Excel spreadsheet version of the survey and upload it to the Portal. BCUC Retail Station Survey (excel)
October 19, 2020 The BCUC Final Special Direction Retail Pilot Methodology & Reporting Guidelines provide instructions to retail dealers required to submit fuel data to the BCUC. Special Direction Retail Pilot Methodology & Reporting Guidelines
October 19, 2020 The BCUC created the following standardized reporting forms for those in the retail pilot to use to ensure the requirements outlined in the Special Directions are met. BCUC Monthly Retail Purchases Report
BCUC Monthly Retail Sales Report
FPT Act Confidentiality Request Form
September 22, 2020 The BCUC Draft Retail Pilot Methodology & Guidelines outlines the proposed sampling technique and instructions to retail dealers on their reporting requirements. Draft Retail Pilot Guidelines & Methodology
September 22, 2020 Draft BCUC Retail Reporting Forms
The BCUC created the following drafts of standardized reporting forms for comments and feedback from the retail industry.
Draft BCUC Monthly Retail Purchases Report
Draft BCUC Monthly Retail Sales Report
September 18, 2020 The BCUC issues a letter to retail dealers in BC, advising them of the Special Direction and upcoming information sessions. BCUC Engagement for Retail Pilot Letter
August 14, 2020 The BC government directs the BCUC to conduct a Retail Pilot to require fuel data from retail dealers of reportable fuels. Special Direction, section 4 of FPT Act

BCUC Consultation Process

The BCUC hosted three online information sessions, on September 29, October 1, and October 6, to walk through its draft reporting guidelines and retail pilot sampling methodology. A copy of the presentation from these sessions is available here.

Industry Feedback

All retail dealers were invited to provide written comments on a draft of the selection method and reporting guidelines by Friday, October 9, 2020. Written comments informed the selection method and assisted the BCUC in establishing the final retail reporting guidelines.