BC Fuel Info

Price Factors

The interactive dashboards below show how fuel prices can differ by city, year, fuel type, and other components. Use these dashboards to:

  • compare fuel prices in one city to other cities across BC and Canada;
  • see what factors are included in the price of fuel; and/or
  • learn how fuel prices have changed in BC since 2016.

There will be regular updates as additional data becomes available and is collected. If you cannot find pricing information for a particular city or component, please let us know by filling out the Feedback Form, and check back in regularly to see if it has been added.

This map shows how fuel price averages differ from region to region. Areas with larger bubbles experience higher prices than those with smaller bubbles. Compare your city or a city of your choosing with cities across BC and Canada, to see what the price of gas or diesel is. Change years, fuel type, cities, and components to find out more.

Components such as retail price, taxes, refining price and the price of crude oil all affect the average price of fuel in BC. See how much of our fuel costs each of these components account for. You can change regions, years, and fuel types for more information.

Picking one price component at a time, a fuel type and a date range, this dashboard will show you the comparison of that component in the cities you have selected over a specific period of time.

Fuel prices can change daily. This dashboard shows the daily trends in fuel prices, customized by region, date, fuel type and component.

Similar to Dashboard 2 (above), this dashboard compares the average fuel prices in different cities, by year and fuel type, but by one price component at a time.