BC Fuel Info

What is it?

What is fuel?

When we talk about "fuel" we are referring to petroleum for road motor vehicles, which includes diesel and all grades of gasoline. There are three main grades of gasoline sold in BC; regular, mid-grade, and premium.

What is fuel made from?

Gasoline and diesel are made primarily from crude oil, which is refined into the fuel you put in your vehicle. Crude oil is a natural resource found in reserves around the world, including in Northern Alberta locations such as Fort McMurray.

What's the difference between gasoline and diesel?

Diesel and gasoline are both products that are made from crude oil. However, gasoline is lighter, less dense, and more flammable than diesel. When a barrel of crude oil comes into the refinery, it's distilled into its heavier and lighter components. The lighter component is used to make gasoline and the heavier component is used to make diesel.

How does fuel get to the gas station?

To see how fuel gets from under the ground, as crude oil, to the gas station, visit our Getting it to you page.

How are fuel prices determined?

To see the components that influence fuel prices in BC, visit the Price Factors page.